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Fundraisers & Benefits…               

Earn $$ while drinking beer

At Travelin Taphouse we always like to help a good cause. We will gladly work out a special to Give Back a part of the proceeds to the named fundraiser. Hosting a fundraiser can be exhausting with a ton of work that never ends. Why not earn money for your benefit while drinking your favorite Craft Beverage? 

This is a extremely fun way to raise money and have a good time catering to both children and adults, the versatility is sure to please all.

We can serve  a food only or in a family friendly taphouse atmosphere.  Non-alcoholic beverage bars, Hot Diggity Dog Hotdog Bar Party, and Cotton Candy is a favorite for all ages. 

Want more info on how we can help create a memorable and effective fundraiser?  Travelin Taphouse wants to help make a difference! Call us today.















We put

the fun

in fundraising!





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